Graphical Composition


Famous Figures

  • Timbre, 1936, Menorca, Milices antifascistes

  • Carte postale, 1937, photomontage, mère & enfant sous les bombes

    Photomontage reminding bombardments on Madrid (after Guernica). The photo of the woman and the child were completely redrawn to make pity. The eccentric, was taken BEFORE the war during a meeting. We distinguish still very slightly the fist of the child. At first published in the form of posters in three languages: Castilian, French, English. This...

  • Affiche, Iturzaeta, CNT AIT, fédération des transports section de Madrid

    Le train (de la CNT FAI) avance à pleine vitesse et écrase l'ennemi : le capitalisme, les croix gammée, le monstre fasciste, etc.

  • affiche, 1937, Munoz, SUICEP CNT, Film documentaire Castille libertaire

  • Carte postale, 1936, Croix rouge Catalogne, Front miliciens à Huesca

    Series of eight postcards drawn by various graphic designers of whom Clavet; Mira ; Herrero. They represent B. Durruti and/or its column on various points of the front of Aragon.

  • Affiche, 1936, Fontseré, CNT Barcelone, Lisez Catalunya (Catalogne)