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  • Affiche, 1936, Raga, UGT, Comment l'église a semé

  • Affiche, Comité national CNT AIT, C'est ainsi que vivent nos frères sous l'empire fasciste

  • Affiche, 1937, SIA de Catalogne, SIA

  • Affiche, 1937, Molné, JJ LL , Compagnons, pour votre avenir…

  • Affiche, 1937, Santander, Camarade l'unité

  • Affiche, Mai 1937, JSU Madrid, Frente Popular POUM

  • Timbre, 1945, SIA, victimes de la répression

  • Affiche, 1936, Ballester A., CNT AIT Comité national, Paysan rejète les nouveaux tyrans

    Here is one of the posters of the most known CNT or almost, because the text of this version is very enigmatic. Graphically we find the usual codes of posters libertarians: freedom, construction of a new society and denunciation of the oppressors. The drawing almost takes up all the room with this Mediterranean farmer (with the engraved face) who breaks...

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