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  • Carte postale, 1938, Ballester, SIA, Aidons les prisonniers antifascistes

    SIA is the libertarian organization the role of which is to take care of the mutual aid (prisoners, taken refuge, etc.), in Spain and on the international stage. For this campaign of which prisoners is it a question? The graphic design strengthens the strange feeling that it is not about "companions" prisoners in the fascist zone (because in this case...

  • Carte postale, 1936, Éditions CNT FAI, photo destruction prison pour Femmes à Barcelone

    Series of 10 postcards, over the first months of the revolution: barricades of the days of July, departure towards the front of Aragon, first fights, first collectivized industries of armament, etc. Photos commented in four languages: Castilian, French, English, Flemish???

  • Carte postale, 1937, l'ignorance c'est l'esclavage

    Card not signed, representative of the action - republican side - in favour of the Women's Liberation.

  • Carte postale, Lobo ou Gallo, Mujeres libres Barcelone, avec les armes nous défendons les femmes

    Series of three monochrome postcards black on the background of color different. Published by Mujeres Libres of Barcelone, they are attributed to Gallo or to B. Lobo according to sources. Texts in Catalan.

  • Carte postale, 1937, Carrena, JJ LL, N'empoisonnez pas la jeunesse

    Card (also exists in poster) denouncing the indoctrination and the use of the children by the communist organizations ( blue shirt), the socialists ( red shirt) and fascists ( black shirt). Beyond this denunciation, the libertarians want to fight - even in times of war - the militaristic ideology and to put forward the pedagogy of the Modern school. There...

  • Affiche, 1937, Ballester, Syndicat de l'enseignement du Levant, Culture et Liberté

  • Affiche, 1937, FAI FIJL, Unité dans les campagnes et les ateliers

  • Affiche, 1937, CNT FAI FIJL Madrid, photomontage à la gloire de B. Durruti

  • Affiche, 1936, Benages, POUM, Contre le fascisme assassin

  • Affiche, 1937, SIA de Catalogne, SIA

  • Affiche, 1937, Molné, JJ LL , Compagnons, pour votre avenir…

  • Affiche texte, 1937, Mujeres Libres, Les objectifs du groupe Mujeres Libres

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