Who commissions?

Who commissions? Who signs the anarchist posters?

Federalism is one of the basic pillars of anarchism. In looking into who was commissioning, we wanted to see if the propaganda of libertarian organisations became monopolised by the national libertarian authorities (National committee of the CNT or peninsular committees of the FAI and FIJL). To put it bluntly, did the anarchist ministers suppress the propaganda of libertarian organisations?

Quantitatively, regardless of the year—1936, 1937, or 1938, the distribution between local, regional, and national levels remained practically the same:

- slightly less than one third of the (drawn) posters were commissioned directly by trade unions or confederal columns (ex: the Iron column or the Barcelona union of bakers);

- between 40% and 50% of the posters were edited by a Regional Federation of the CNT, FIJL, Mujeres Libres, etc.

- “only” 30% by national committees.


One does not have to be a professional historian to know that in Valencia (the government headquarters), Barcelona, Bilbao, or Madrid, subjects of dispute were not what lacked in the CNT or in the libertarian movement in general. In fact, if every designer keep his own style, they work, live, debate all together in their collective workshops.